Networking for Backroom engineer Part 3 | Network Up

Before starting I would like to clarify that this is based on personal experience and may or may not apply to the reader.

In the first part, I focused on the idea of connecting with speakers. in the second part, it was about having a specific goal why you are there, in this part, I will talk about making you networking effectively by working with the group of people that will open more door and connection for, in BNI terms your power team.

When you network there is no point in you spending time in a networking event with your colleagues, which is a mistake I did often, and once it was brought to my attention I decided to work on it.

During the networking event look for people who have more influence than what you have, they have more connection than you, and they have more experience, and they can teach you the skills that you need.

Don’t take this in an extreme way, what I mean is you should look for someone that can help and teach something you need, this does not mean to have a one-way road with them, you should something to help them with, you should be the perfect apprentice so they will be willing to mentor you.

Keep in mind that you have skills that other people will be looking to learn from you, this way the cycle complete, I teach the less experienced people around me and find more experienced people to teach me or mentor me.

When I started I was not so purposeful in this but learned who make sure coincidence become the facts and stable relationships. accordingly now, I keep in touch and become close friends with every person whom I consider a mentor to me, and make sure to get their advice, in line and in business dealing.


From now one, you should go alone to networking events, or avoid your colleagues, connect with people how can give you, and give people who are in need, and give before you take, as we say at BNI ” Givers Gain”



Proof Reading By Nida Ammar

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