Monoprice Select Mini 3D Printer V2 Review

This is my First time ever reviewing anything, and writing it down for someone else to read, feedback is appreciated.

I recently got desktop 3D printer, and I was looking for one that doesn’t need assembly, as I’m already busy in other projects, and wanted to get something to help me, not take my time to work on it, on prime day I got a great deal on this small printer, which is exactly what I needed.

One I got the package, it was carefully packed, no damage marks on the outbox, the surrounding foam was enough to protect the printer. everything was included. unpacked, and started test print in 5 min.

Steup; it was easy and smooth. need to do one thing, lower the building plate by half turn using the included hex drive.

Software; the ones included did good, job. it came with cura15 and repatierHost, I liked cura more as it did not require me to make any tuning to the settings.

Build & Finish; the metal part are well finished, not 3d printed parts – which I personally hate in a machine – it has a tube to guide the filament, the belt and the timing pulling could be better, but for the price, they are excellent. the bed aluminum heated bed is covered b a nice coarse surface material which is great with PLA prints.

Material; I only used PLA from HATCHBOX, it was very good material and doing great until now.

In overall the performance is great, and if you are working on small models it’s amazing.

The issues I faced was, some model was sticking to the bed to the point it was hard to remove them, and when used metal part, it made a cut in the bed cover. also, the fan is a little bit of noise.

To see it in action check to following short videos.


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