My Bio

Electronics Engineer by profession learned mechanical design and Industrial design out of passion with a sparkle of programming skills in different languages.

I Love creating things, solve changes, helping others, learn something new every week, accept challenges with an open mind, and most of the time I will look for changes if they don’t look for me.

Like simplicity, and believe it can solve everything, my startup experiences and bootstrap for the work taught me how to wear many hats and learn new skills very fast, from there I got my web hosting knowledge, design and programming websites, embedded programming. but my core skills, still electronics design, and mechanical design for plastic and sheet metal.

If you did not get it from my pictures on linked in and here, then I will say it to you, all that I’m doing it for my kids, so they won’t have to go through what went through. even though they will have to work when they reach the age, but I know that they can leave without that work.

Instagram Feed from CCTRONIC – Showing samples of Nonconfidential work