Networking for Backroom Engineer Part 2 | Your Goals

Before starting I would like to clarify that this is based on personal experience and may or may not apply to the reader.

In the first part, I focused on the idea of making your goal of networking event or events, in general, is to connect with speakers. in the part, I will talk about making you networking effectively by going to events with specific goals and plan.

You can see that networking is becoming a goal oriented task, it is not just about meeting new people, it is about who, when & why?

I learned this the hard way, my inial experience in networking events was very messy, I have no specific goal, not prepared for the event, have no idea who their, not sure why I’m going, I used to collect business cards, and that’s it.

After Connext Nation Referal Class, I now go with a goal to meet a certain number of people most of the time its 3 to 5, and if I know the companies in the event I will pick people from companies that interest me. Then follow up with email, and if you are traveling set up a meeting at the same moment, don’t delay it!.

To summarize:

  1. Event Details.
  2. Attending companies -Select a set of them
  3. A specific number of people to meet, mine is 5 maximum,
  4. Follow up email
  5. If it’s in a different city other than your hometown, set up a coffee meeting while you are there.

During the introduction, make sure you have a clear name tag and your business card in hand. Keep in mind that you are not distributing your business card like a newspaper, it better to ask people for their business card and they will ask you for yours.

Also to start conversation keep asking an open-ended questions


Proof Reading By Nida Ammar

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