Mobile Vending Machine

This project was my second or third if I remember right while working for Systems & Electronics Development Co. (SEDCO), the experience gained from this project is amazing, it was the biggest device I ever designed, its meant for Self Service Solution for the company.

Due to the legal commitment, I won’t be able to provide more than the images & few features included in the device.

I was involved into main parts, the first one is to filter the list of the suppliers that provide OEM part to accommodate features that need to be included in the “Self Service Shop”, then designing the machine structure to accommodate shortlisted devices, and at the same time conform to client requirements.

Our Self Service Shop is an automated retail store that enables your customers to buy physical items, such as SIM cards, mobile phones and tablets. It also provides all the services of a kiosk, thus eliminating the need for physical shops.


Installed in dynamic locations, it provides high availability of products and services 24/7, and delivers convenience to customers, enabling them to purchase products by themselves anytime anywhere.


The solution ensures a smooth and efficient customer experience, which boosts your corporate image. It also relieves your employees, allowing for better utilization of human resources, and decreasing operational costs. SEDCO

The “Self Service Sop” include two digital signage screen, Provide Customer identification using biometric and document scanners, can accept payment in cards or cash even with checks, printed agreement, print invoices and finally dispense mobile devices, and SIM cards, in addition to activating sim card.

Retail kiosk - SEDCO


Team Members

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