Industrial Design | Toastmaster speech | Body language

This article is the content of a speech about industrial design with the goal of using body language to add life to the speech

Once you start reading you will feel as if I’m talking to my self and giving myself instruction on what I should be doing at certain points in the speech, this is my way of preparing, I do not memorise the speech, I just write down what I want to do, and keep reading until its natural act.

One of the things that helped me in toastmaster is finding the factor between the time I take in reading speech, and the time that it takes me to present it, the number was 2.3x, so 7 min speech I need to read the text in 3min.

It is not your fault

— start walking, holding a cup and acting if I hit a glass door. —

Did this happen to you before, walking with friends out of the coffee shop and hitting a door that you can’t see?

It happened to me, and it happened to several friends while working at such a place, even though we work there every day, and we know there is a glass door, but we still hit that door from time to time.

I would like to interduce you to a term “Industrial Design”.

What comes up to your mind when you hear this term?  — lift your hand —

I assure you it has nothing to do with factories or industry, it is an Art school major, concerned with the designs of product that will be manufactured later in its lifecycle, focusing on how to make things that we will use as human, and we will like using for a long time.

Who of you travels a lot, or visit new places frequently? during these visits and traveling have you faced a problem with the facility you are using.

I had one, we are used to showers/ foist that has two handles one for hot and one for cold, cold on the right and hot on the left, while in Uthe SA showers has one handle, that you keep turning counter-clockwise until you get the temperature you need , one time I stair to the handle for three minutes just figure out how does it work, it had no indication of anything, then it turned out  that you need to pull it to open, then turn left or right for cold and heat.

The best design doesn’t require you to add labels or requires the user to think on how to run it even for the first time.

Take the door, If you are facing a door that had no handle, without thinking you will push it, one of the best examples are fire exit door, there is no handle on them.

While if you are coming to a door with a handle you unconsciously with pull it, this way you will never need labels.

Concluding on this, Next time you try to do something and you find it requires you to spin up your brain to uncover its operation, belief in your heart, that this is not your fault, it the designer incompetence that placed you in such a situation.


Proof Reading By Nida Ammar

Information influenced by The Design of everyday thing

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